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   Hey there! If we haven’t met yet I’d like to formally introduce myself. My name is Alexis Pembleton and I am the creator behind One Bite at a Time. I know what you’re thinking. You probably came across this blog hoping to find some foodie who loves creating “quick, new recipes for you to try tonight”. As much as I love food and cooking, this blog is not going to be featuring a cool, hip, new recipe.


   The name was actually invented with help from my friends back in college.  During one of our many study breaks we wandered into the topic of our life stories and how much we've all been through over the years. Eventually we decided that we wanted to create a book title for each of us that best described our lives, you know, in case we ever wanted to write our own life stories into a book. Long story short, my friends decided mine would be called “One Bite at a Time”. This was mainly based on my ability to take THE longest amount of time to finish eating. I will forever and always be the last one at the dinner table finishing my meal. This doesn't include the time it takes once you get me talking about something I'm passionate about either. 


   This 'book title' really stuck with me over the past few years. Partly for its memory and humour, but also because I believe we have to take life "one bite at a time". If you bite off more than you can swallow it can get pretty hard to handle, and if you bite off too little it feels like you’ll get nowhere. We grow up wanting to bite off too much at a time because we just want to grow up and bask in being grown up. We say to ourselves, “Finally! There’s no one here to tell me what to do!” It is our time to grow and develop independently.


    Although it is so liberating to finally reach this stage. Somedays it can get pretty overwhelming and possibly a little lonely as well. In an attempt to reduce these feelings, I plan to share stories and bits of knowledge I learned along the way to support you with your mental health and personal development. You are worthy of great success and you are in control. 





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