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How to: Protect your Energy

Hello, hello! I hope you guys started off this week with a positive mindset and maybe a little hope for the week to come. If not, there is always today and tomorrow to ‘flip the switch’. I find that sometimes you have to go through those motions of the beginning of the week in order to approach the end of the week with an open-mind and a hopeful spirit for better days to come.

Being an empath has taught me to learn how to tune into my emotions and to evaluate what I allow into my life. I mean…I am already an over-analyzer but then we add these characteristics of an empath too and some days it goes to a whole new level. Over time, I’ve learned that protecting my energy is an extremely important thing to master. However, it can be a little difficult at times as well. Especially since empathetic people tend to be ‘helpers and healers’ as well. It’s hard to know when we need to put ourselves first, and usually when we finally realize what we need to do, it’s already too late to reverse the feeling of ‘burn out’.

I am hoping to shed light for the empaths and healers reading this blog. Maybe even the people who had no idea this was even a thing too. The idea of protecting your energy can seem very vague sometimes and honestly, I feel like the topic only recently became more ‘popular’ or more discussed. At least that’s what I have personally noticed. I find that it’s one of those topics that could have so many general meanings. However, the meaning I would like to focus on is the idea of setting boundaries and ‘wearing a suit of armour’ in order to protect yourself from negative things and people. Mainly things and people who seem to drain your energy. If I’m being honest though…sometimes we can’t avoid these things that drain our energy because they can simply be part of our daily lives such as our workplace, our family dynamics, our home life, etc.

It’s tough because some ‘energy drainers’ don’t even realize they’re energy drainers. There are some people who feed off people’s energies without even noticing it. This isn’t a bad thing. I do believe in its purest form this is part of human nature. At the end of the day, we are all energetic beings and we are ultimately surrounded by energy as well. Basically, this just means that the people who provide this energy for others need to learn how to protect it or how to set boundaries on how much is ‘taken’ from them. This is when the concept of protecting your energy comes in. I know what you may be thinking… “But how do I stop it from happening? Or how can I limit the energy I give? Or, where do I even start with protecting it?” Not to worry…I am going to lay out 11 things you can begin doing that will hopefully help you on your journey.

Be aware of your environment

Create an awareness of who and what drains your energy in the different environments you find yourself in. Whether its work, home, public places, friend’s places, etc. Try your best to make observations of your surroundings in all the different places you find yourself in. Take notes on how you feel around certain things or people in these places. Do you feel exhausted, angry, on edge, sad, happy, ‘all over the place’, positive, etc. Place more observation on those negative emotions that may arise and take note of the positive ones as well. It’s important to understand who and what could be affecting your energy positively or negatively in order for you to cleanse yourself from those unwanted energies.

Trust that gut feeling

This one can be extremely hard to master in itself. We tend to ignore or become oblivious to what our gut is trying to tell us. I have definitely been one of those people in many cases, and in all honesty, I am still trying to find understanding on how to listen to my gut instinct. Neglecting my intuition has put me in some messy situations, that’s for sure. Basically, your intuition is meant to guide you away from those negative situations and people. Which is why as an empath, your intuition plays a very significant role in keeping your energy safe.

Set boundaries and standards for your energy

Like I mentioned before, some people don’t realize that they’re energy drainers. It is simply in their nature and they feed off other people’s energies without really noticing. Therefore, you will need to find a way to protect your energy and set boundaries on how much you allow to be taken. It is extra important to be selective in who you spend your time and energy on. You should not be the primary source of time and energy…the genuine and compassionate people in your life will also provide 100% effort or at least close to it. There is not enough energy for you to waste your time on people who can’t even give you 50% of theirs. This applies to all people in your life…no matter who they are.

Clean-Up Your Space

It is important to clean and cleanse your surroundings. Whether it is at home, in your car, or maybe in the office, it is important to be rid of the things that don’t provide you joy and positive feelings. You see…a lot of our household objects and a lot of the clutter we find in the house is a ‘breeding ground’ for negative energy to be stored and hidden away. I understand that sometimes your mental health may decline and it is hard to clean up or perhaps cleaning up before you’re ready to can be detrimental to your mental health as well. I totally understand. So, please do so when you’re ready to cleanse the space. Just try to remind yourself that it is an important task that you need to take on for clarity and peace within your soul.

Work on Your Mindset

I know you’ve probably heard this sooo many times already…but I’ll just say it again. Mindset is everything. Our mind is so powerful. I was talking to a co-worker the other day about this. We were reflecting on the fact that the mind is powerful enough to convince your body of certain things such as illness/disease, pregnancy, strength, etc. It is actually insane what our minds can do for us. I truly believe that it’s important to train your mind to increase positive thoughts and decrease the negatives. By doing so you close the gates to those negative energies that try to harm your own energy. Like-minded people always find their way to each other. So, if you want to be surrounded by positive and happy-go-lucky people, I highly suggest working towards being one of those people yourself.

Reduce Reactive Tendencies

This one truly hits home for me. I have been on a journey to heal my past trauma and to cut out bad habits in order to make space for good ones. I tend to be a very reactive person in times of high stress and vulnerability. This is not a good habit. These reactive states give motion to negative energy. Reactivity can create drama and unpleasant situations to occur…this leaves room for negative thoughts and things to happen. Learning how to manage your emotions and how to think before reacting will be two of your best friends when it comes to protecting your energy. Although being reactive without thinking is great for the ego…it is 100% not good for the soul.

Try out Meditation

Meditation isn’t for everyone. It is completely valid if you’ve tried mindful meditation and it just didn’t seem to do much for you. There are all different methods of meditation, and one size certainly does not fit all. If you know what I mean in this sense. You have to find what works best for you. However, if you have never tried mindful meditation before I do highly suggest doing so. It is a great way to begin the process of finding what works for you.

Find Yourself out in Nature

This one has to be my favourite method of protecting my energy. I love going on nature hikes and walks. It’s something about being surrounded by forestry and nature that gives me a whole new purpose in life. I think it is truly amazing what nature does for us and how it grows and develops over time. I find that getting out in nature is an extremely grounding activity. I believe it holds a lot of healing abilities and gives you space to just be. Sometimes when we find ourselves at a crossroads or when we’re not feeling purposeful, nature helps us to find understanding in ourselves and life around us. It provides healing properties that induce positive thinking.

Stay Active

Negative emotions and energy can easily be stuck and hidden in a sedentary lifestyle. I have learned this the hard way. I feel like this for sure correlates with reactive tendencies and negative thought processes we develop overtime. Being active and incorporating movement is not just amazing for your physical health, but it also does wonders on your mental health. If we live a more stagnant lifestyle it can reflect badly on our mindset and our negative behaviours. These negative emotions and energies need somewhere to go, and you need some way to get rid of them. If you have a sedentary lifestyle these negative emotions and thoughts decide to keep ‘camping’ in your brain. They have nowhere else to go because they’re not being pushed away with force and positive energy or habits. This is why it is so important to maintain daily exercise and movement. Personally, I’ve noticed that since I stopped working out…I have experienced more reactive tendencies and negative thoughts patterns than I ever have before. I have experienced this first hand and I’m sure many of you have as well. There are so many benefits to improving your physical health.

Be True to You

It’s very easy to get caught up in negativity. Our brain is hard-wired to choose negativity over positivity, which can be super detrimental to how we process things in our daily lives. All I have to say with this one is that try your best to stay true to who you are and the energy you want to put out there. Mind you…it’s okay to have bad days and it’s okay to share things that are impacting you negatively. It is also okay to listen to what others are expressing. In an attempt to show concern and show our loyalty we may jump into the same thought pattern as our loved one or friend who is expressing these negative emotions. Just remember that despite their feelings…it is okay to be certain in your own feelings and thoughts. Trust in your own energy and what you’d like to share with the world. Try your best not to stray from your positive thought patterns just because someone else is expressing the opposite. Stay true to you and what you believe no matter what.

Create a Sanctuary within your Living Quarters

Something I’ve learned over the last year or so, is the importance of creating a safe and peaceful space within your home. Whether this is your room, the basement, the spare bedroom, etc. Just somewhere to feel like you have room to be you and to feel comfortable with yourself. Somewhere you can feel at peace and forget about what happens outside of your sanctuary. My therapist might call this your little space within the white picket fence. Once you enter this space you allow all of the negative energy to be released from your day and to just move forward with peace and rejuvenation. I think this is one of the most important tips I could share with you today. This may also go hand-in-hand with cleansing your space and clearing out objects that may not bring you joy and peace.

I know that was a lot of information for me to share today. It can be a lot to comprehend at times and it may take some time to actually incorporate these concepts as well. You have to go at your own speed. When you’re ready to take a leap of faith, and dive into mastering the protection of your energy, this blog will be here waiting for you. It will take time to figure out what to allow and what not to allow into your life.

I hope this blog helped you in some way today. I feel like with all of the worldly events going on right now it can be extremely draining. I want to try and help you set yourself up for success in this sense. The ability to set boundaries for yourself and protect your precious spirit is an extremely valuable thing in life. You are the one who will always be there for you. You are the one who can make a difference within yourself, and I truly believe in your ability to do so. Keep working towards your goals and learning to set those boundaries that will

help you create stability and peace in your life. Sending love your way. Happy Tuesday! Xx


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